Reviving Thanksgiving: A Guide to Leftover Magic

Reviving Thanksgiving: A Guide to Leftover Magic

Now that Thanksgiving has passed, you’re probably wondering: what am I supposed to do with all these leftovers? We’re here to take the stress out of post-Thanksgiving meal planning – no fancy culinary skills required.


Don’t Let the Carcass Go to Waste

It’s the gem of the leftovers. Take the frame and put it into a stock pot, then add veggies like carrots, celery and onion & fresh herbs like thyme, parsley and basil. You can even add some spices, like peppercorns, bay leaves or pickling spice. Fill the pot with cold water and simmer for a few hours. A roasted turkey frame makes the best stock for sauces, soups and comfort foods like pot pies. This will make at least a gallon of golden goodness that you can’t buy at a store. Freeze in containers to use later for a cold winter night.


the Gobbler
The Gobbler

A favorite at the Rastelli house! We take sliced turkey and pile it high, add scoops of stuffing and cranberry relish, then layer everything between fresh pieces of sour dough bread! For extra flavor, warm up some gravy to use as a dipping sauce.


Turkey Vegetable Soup with Pan-Seared Stuffing Pancake

Another tradition that helps to use up all of the leftover gravy, vegetables and turkey is to combine it all into a soup. We take the vegetables (spinach, green beans, peas, yams, etc.) and chop them up. Then, we add some broth, leftover turkey, gravy and seasonings. The result is a delicious Turkey Vegetable Soup that you can sip on for the next couple days! Sometimes, we’ll even serve the soup with a pan-seared stuffing pancake – To make, simply throw an egg into your leftover stuffing, mix with some grated cheese, and voilà!


Black Friday Turkey Pot Pie

Add some leftover veggies into a bowl (about 2 cups), along with chopped turkey (white and dark meat -- about 2 cups), stuffing (1 cup) and enough gravy to get everything coated (1.5 – 2 cups). Mix well and scoop the mixture into a pie shell. Cover with another pie shell and pinch the sides together. Brush top with Egg wash (1 egg mixed with water). Bake at 350F for 45-60 minutes or until nice and brown. Heat the remainder of gravy, take Pot Pie out of the oven and serve with a scoop of cranberry relish.


Make Mayonnaise the Star of Your Leftover Turkey Sandwich 

Mix together 1 cup of mayonnaise, 2 tbsp. Turkey Gravy (cold), 2 tbsp. cranberry relish, ½ tsp. orange zest, few turns of cracked black pepper pinch of sage and 1 tbsp. of chardonnay (or any leftover white wine). Generously add this mayonnaise to any leftover turkey (or ham) sandwich you make!



These leftover creations are more than just delicious meals; they’re a continuation of the warmth and togetherness that Thanksgiving brings. By making the most of what’s left, you’re not only savoring the flavors, but also extending the spirit of gratitude and celebration. So, don’t let those leftovers languish in the fridge – let them be the bridge that carries you through an extended holiday feast filled with love, flavor and cherished moments.

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