Prepping for Grilling Season

Prepping for Grilling Season

If your grill has spent the winter hibernating, give it a little love and care before breaking it out for the spring and summer months ahead. A little spring cleaning will go a long way to optimizing your BBQ game. 

Check Gas Grills for Leaks
Frozen temps can cause gas lines to cracks, so before turning that propane grill on, check the tubing for leaks. Put a little soapy water along the length of the tubing and then open the valve on the tank. If the soap bubbles start growing in size, you've got a small leak, which means it's best to replace the tubing before using.

Scrub the Grates
The most important part of the grill is the part that touches your food! And while you may not have used the grill in months, residue that was left behind may have hardened onto the grates over the winter. Remove the grate(s) and, using a soft wire brush, scrub any existing residue from the grates. 

Soak the Grates
If time allows, soak the grate(s) in a water & vinegar mix overnight. This will remove any food residue or rust that the scrub brush was unable to get. 

Soap and Water
While the grates are removed, scrub the inside of your grill with warm, soapy water. (Remove any charred bits or residual charcoal ash from inside the grill before adding water.) Spray or wash down with clean, fresh water to remove the soap. Let fully dry.

Stock Up on Fuel
Whether you cook over gas or charcoal, you'll want to make sure to have plenty on hand. Nothing ruins a BBQ more than running out of your fuel source when you're in the middle of cooking. Store extra propane tanks or charcoal in a cool, dry outdoor spot. 

Take it for a Test Drive
After a thorough cleaning, fire up the grill for 15-20 minutes before cooking on it.  Give it a chance to burn on high heat before throwing food on it. This ensures that any residual flavors from the thorough cleaning you just did have burned off before you cook.

Now that your grill is cleaned and ready, you need great stuff to cook. Visit our menu for all your favorites, like steaks, burgers, chops, and seafood.

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