Meaty Winter Warmers: Hearty Dishes to Beat the Cold

Meaty Winter Warmers: Hearty Dishes to Beat the Cold

Winter is the perfect time to indulge in comforting, hearty meals. And what better way to warm up on a cold winter evening than with a big bowl of comfort food? Here are some of our favorite meat-based winter comfort foods to help you survive the colder months.

Stews and Soups

Nothing warms you up quite like a bowl of hearty stew or soup. Whether you prefer beef, pork, chicken, or lamb, a rich and savory stew is the ultimate winter comfort food. Try a classic beef stew, made with tender chunks of beef, potatoes, carrots, and onions in a thick gravy. Or go for a hearty pork and bean soup, with chunks of tender pork and a variety of beans simmered in a savory broth. Browse Rastelli’s lamb cubes, marrow bones, or ground protein for your next savory stew or soup.


Casseroles are the perfect winter comfort food, as they can be made in advance and reheated for a quick and easy meal. Try a classic chicken and rice casserole, made with tender chunks of chicken, creamy sauce, and a variety of vegetables. Or go for a hearty beef and noodles casserole, made with tender beef, egg noodles, and a savory gravy. Browse Rastelli’s products for your perfect casserole protein chose from our chicken, ground protein or cubed beef options.


Roasts are a classic winter comfort food, perfect for Sunday dinner or a special occasion. Try a classic roast beef, made with a tender cut of beef, roasted to perfection and served with gravy. Or go for a pork roast, made with a tender cut of pork and seasoned with a variety of herbs and spices. We even have oven-ready roasts to help cut that prep time in half! Browse our roasts.


Meatloaf is another classic winter comfort food. It's made from a mixture of ground meat, typically beef or pork, and is typically served with gravy. Meatloaf can be flavored with a variety of herbs and spices, and it can be served with mashed potatoes or rice. Whether you are looking for beef, lamb or pork we have plenty of ground options for your next meatloaf dish. Browse our grounds.


Sausages are a great winter comfort food. They are easy to cook and can be used in a variety of dishes. Try a classic sausage and sauerkraut, made with a variety of sausages, sauerkraut, and potatoes. Or go for a hearty sausage and bean stew, made with a variety of sausages, beans, and vegetables in a savory broth. We have a variety of sausages to choose from – browse our sausages.  

No matter what your comfort food preferences are, these dishes paired with Rastelli’s proteins are sure to warm you up and satisfy your cravings during the winter. So, next time you're looking for a comforting meal, give one of these dishes a try and enjoy the warm, savory flavors of winter.

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