From Butcher to Legacy: A Rastelli Journey

From Butcher to Legacy: A Rastelli Journey

Hi, I’m Ray Rastelli Jr., and I'd like to share with you the unexpected journey that led me to become America’s Personal Butcher. One night, after playing a set, I found myself in front of a closed down doughnut shop. Across the street was a deli that caught my eye, sparking an idea that would change everything. Why not turn this space into a place where people could get exceptional quality meat? That night, the vision for the first Meat Stop came to life.

From the very beginning, I was driven by a passion for quality meats. I wanted to offer more than just standard cuts. I aimed to provide selections that were a cut above what was typically available. With the support of my brother Tony, together, we crafted a destination for premium meats, opening eight locations over the next 15 years. Each Meat Stop followed the highest standards. If it wasn’t top-notch, it didn’t make it to our counter. We took pride in offering meats that were carefully trimmed, with no excess fat or gristle. Just pure quality!

But as the years went on, our ambitions grew. Meat Stop was destined to be more than a butcher shop. We built a network of premium sourcing partners, added seafood to our offerings, and led the way in food safety and distribution innovations. Our products reached not just our neighbors but also troops stationed across Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Nearly five decades later, Rastelli's stands as a testament to what dedication to quality and community can achieve. From our beginnings in South Jersey to a presence that spans globally, our mission remains the same: to provide only the best.

Join me, Ray Rastelli Jr., as we continue this journey together. Here at Rastelli’s, we're more than just a business; we're a family, a community. Every piece of meat and seafood we offer is prepared with care, ensuring that you, our valued customer, are part of our lasting legacy of quality. This isn’t just my story—it's our story, made possible by every person who chooses to bring Rastelli's into their home.

Thank you for being part of this journey. It's an ongoing adventure, one that I am proud to share with you all. Let's keep making history together, one meal at a time.


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