Cooking to Temperature

Cooking to Temperature

A meat thermometer is the most essential kitchen tool for the grillmaster and gourmet chef alike. Cooking a piece of meat to the right temp is the difference between a good meal and a sublime one. An insta-read thermometer, which gives you a temperature within seconds, is ideal. But no matter what kind of thermometer you have on hand, you can use this chart as a reference for the perfect internal temp.

Tip: Temperature will continue to rise for a few minutes after removing it from the heat, so take your meat off the heat source a minute or so before it has reached the desired internal temperature.

Tip: Always take the internal temperature from the thickest part of the protein and make sure the thermometer’s probe is not touching a bone, otherwise your temperature reading will be slightly off.

Rare: 125º
Medium Rare: 135º
Medium: 145º
Medium Well: 155º

Shrimp: 125º
Tuna (Medium): 135º
Salmon: 145º
Cod: 145º
Flounder: 145º

Chicken: 165º
Turkey: 165º

Pork Chops: 145º
Ribs: 145º
Tenderloin: 145º
Sausage: 160º


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