Butcher Candy

Butcher Candy

Those beautiful white flecks throughout our beef? That’s marbling - intramuscular fat that breaks down while cooking and infuses the meat with unreal flavor. That’s why we call it “Butcher Candy”. But not all fat is created equal.

Commercial cattle feedlots practice a force-feeding technique that prioritizes quick fat growth and compromises the animal's welfare. This quick-developing fat is also missing a critical component – flavor. Apperaring as long white strands, this fat doesn't hurt to help keep meat moist, but it doesn't add any discernible flavor. 

In contrast, our Black Angus cattle are pasture-raised, grazing on naturally enriched grasses and slowly building up large amounts of marbled flecks, distributed evenly throughout the muscle and adding both critical nutrients  – such as omega-3s – and unparalleled flavor kick.

American Wagyu beef – raised from a breed of Japanese cattle with the same genetic makeup as the Kobe beef – is so predispositioned to marbling that its flesh appears pink. From time to time, we offer Wagyu products, like burgers and hot dogs.

Regardless which of our beef you're eating, you'll see the marbling and once you taste its bold, sweet flavor, you'll understand why we call it "candy".

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