A Symphony of Flavors: Perfect Cheese Pairings for Rastelli's Butcher Burgers

A Symphony of Flavors: Perfect Cheese Pairings for Rastelli's Butcher Burgers

It's time to celebrate the harmony of two culinary titans – burgers and cheeses. Elevate your burger experience to new heights as we guide you through “7 burger and cheese pairings you must try”, where premium burgers meet exquisite cheeses in the perfect flavor combination. From the delicate notes of our Salmon Burger to the robust richness of the Short Rib Burgers, we've curated a list of irresistible recipes. We've selected a few of our favorite cheese combinations that pair well with our gourmet burgers - we invite you to give them a try yourself.

Salmon Burger and Creamy Goat Cheese: A Maritime Delight

Dive into a maritime-inspired feast with Rastelli's Atlantic Salmon Burger paired with creamy goat cheese. The delicate flavor of salmon finds a perfect companion in the mild tanginess of goat cheese, creating a harmonious blend that transports you to coastal bliss. Serve this decadent duo on a bun or in a fresh arugula salad.
Featured Recipe: Bacon Jam paired with Goat Cheese, Bacon Jam & Caramelized Onions.

Turkey Burger with Smoked Gouda: A Smoky Sensation

Elevate your turkey burger experience by adding a layer of smoked gouda. The smoky notes of gouda complement the light and juicy turkey patty, creating a mouthwatering combination that balances the richness of the cheese with the lean turkey goodness.
Featured recipe: Gouda paired with Grilled Zucchini Slices & Gouda Cheese

Steak Craft Burgers and Sharp Cheddar: Classic Perfection

Indulge in the classic perfection of a Steak Craft Burger paired with sharp cheddar. The robust flavor of the steak finds a bold counterpart in the sharp cheddar, creating a timeless combination that's both hearty and satisfying.
Featured recipe: Bacon Cheddar paired with Bacon, Cheddar, Onion Strings & BBQ Sauce

Wagyu Burgers with Gruyère Cheese: Gourmet Delight

Savor the decadence of Wagyu burgers accompanied by the exquisite pairing of Gruyère cheese. The sumptuous marbling of Wagyu meets the subtly sweet and distinctive flavors of Gruyère, crafting a gourmet delight that embodies the pinnacle of indulgence.
Featured recipe: Scandinavian paired with Gruyere, Cheddar, Lettuce, Cucumber & Onion

Short Rib Burgers and Blue Cheese: Bold and Beautiful

Unleash the bold flavors of Rastelli's Short Rib Burgers by adding crumbles of blue cheese. The intense and tangy profile of blue cheese complements the hearty short rib patty, creating a bold and beautiful combination that's bound to impress.
Featured Recipe: Blue Moon Burger paired with Blue Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato & Sautéed Mushroom

Grass-Fed Steak Craft Burgers with Swiss: Savory Elegance

For a touch of savory elegance, pair our Grass-Fed Steak Craft Burgers with Swiss cheese. The nutty and slightly sweet notes of Swiss enhance the natural flavors of the grass-fed beef, creating a burger that's both wholesome and refined.
Featured Recipe: Alpine Burger paired with Sautéed Mushrooms & Swiss Cheese

Organic Grass-Fed Burgers and Brie: Gourmet Simplicity

Celebrate the simplicity of premium ingredients by pairing our Organic Grass-Fed Burgers with creamy Brie. The mild and buttery notes of Brie complement the clean, grass-fed flavors, resulting in a gourmet simplicity that speaks volumes.
Featured Recipe: Bistro Burger paired with Onions, Brie Cheese and Crispy Bacon

While we may not claim expertise in the realm of cheeses, our forte lies in crafting exceptional burgers and identifying the perfect pairings to complement them. At Rastelli’s we have a variety of burgers to cater to a diverse range of taste buds, so we believe your toppings shouldn’t be any different. Explore our comprehensive list of burger combinations featured on our blog, titled "The Perfect Burger: Tips, Tricks, and Toppings". We're excited to share our insights and inspire your culinary adventures! Thanks for letting us have a seat at your table.
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