A New Era Begins Soon

A New Era Begins Soon

In my nearly five decades as a butcher, I’ve seen it all: the lean years, the bountiful seasons, and everything in between. My commitment has always been to provide my community, my family, and my friends – not just with meat, but with value that matters.

Today I’m excited to announce a new chapter in this journey, one that leverages all those years of hard-earned wisdom and craft. We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes, listening to your feedback, studying your preferences, and dreaming up ways to take your Rastelli’s experience to unprecedented heights. We’re about to introduce a revolutionary way to enjoy the best of butchery, redefined for today’s needs. It’s more than just a box; it’s a promise to you, delivered with every package.

I, of all people, understand what it means to look for ways to bring more to the table, without compromising on quality or cutting corners. It’s with this spirit that I’m excited to introduce something entirely new for us, born from a lifetime of dedication and a heart full of passion for what I do. This isn’t just another chapter in butchery; it’s a culmination of all I’ve learned, all I believe in.

Imagine the finest cuts, selected with an expert eye, packaged with care, and delivered with love, from my block to your box. It’s the quality you trust, the value you deserve, and the experience you’ve come to expect, reimagined for today’s table – consider it a way to put the dollars back in your pocket without sacrificing an ounce of flavor.

As we stand together on the brink of this exciting new venture, I invite you to join me in anticipation. Together, we’re not just embracing change – we’re defining it. Stay tuned, for soon, we will unveil a new era of butchery that promises to enrich your dining experience like never before. This is my promise to you—a promise from Ray Rastelli Jr., America's Personal Butcher.

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